QuickFlows adds connectivity to DocuSign.

QuickFlows is increasingly adding value by enabling connectivity to newer solutions and endpoints in the market. In this case, we are happy to introduce support for DocuSign.

It would not be uncommon that business processes or workflows may need to coordinate document signing activity across different individuals with several approval steps before the documents are sent for signing. This use case may apply to situations like signing NDAs, contract signing as well as other activities that involve some level of on-boarding where different parties need to put their stamp to seal a business agreement.

QuickFlows now allows you to define the endpoint and credentials of your DocuSign service account.

Once the connectivity has been established, it is possible to reference any DocuSign template in that selected service account to send for signature to target individuals (or several individuals). More importantly, it is possible to specify values from Salesforce Objects so that they automatically populate DocuSign custom tags and automate the content preparation minimizing the amount of human activity in the process ultimately speeding up the time to send documents for signing.

We truly believe the combination of workflow to create complex approval and multiple document signing activities can indeed be a breeze!

We look forward to you trying this new integration!


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