QuickFlows has passed Security Review

After lot of work, it is great to see the initial efforts paying off. Quickflows Salesforce managed package has passed the security review.

What does this mean?

It means that after you install the QuickFlows managed package in your Salesforce Organization (or a TrialForce organization with QuickFlows application already installed on it), you can:

1. Single Sign On (SSO) into the QuickFlows Desktop to start creating your business processes to manage your Salesforce data.

2. You can query, create, update and delete data in your Salesforce organization from a context process without any coding. Simply specify what standard or custom salesforce objects you want to use in the business process and QuickFlows will do all the necessary magic to integrate with your organization data.

3. You can listen for object trigger events to kick of business processes implemented in QuickFlows.

4. You can share your Salesforce organization data (users, roles, and their relationships) with QuickFlows and avoid duplicating your organization structure.

This is just the start of lot of benefits of using QuickFlows with Salesforce.com.

Stay tuned for more !

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